A Meal in Burkina Faso Represents More Than Just Food

Burkina Faso can Teach the Rest of the World That a Soothing Atmosphere is an Important Ingredient in Every Recipe.

-By John Jacobs

Tucked into a landlocked location in West Africa, Burkina Faso is inhabited by people bound together by love of their traditions. There are many distinctive sounds across the country, like the beat of djembe drums and the soft animal noises of farm livestock, composed mostly of cattle, sheep and goats. Yet it is at mealtime that the true nature of Burkina Faso emerges. It emerges from the sound of soft laughter rising from the many courtyards and patios as people share meals consisting of popular foods made from homegrown ingredients and prepared using traditional recipes.

Historically an agricultural-based economy, the multiethnic nation has an appreciation for modern culture. For more than 40 years, Burkina Faso has hosted the pan-African film festival “Fespaco,” which boasts 100 theatres and continental talent. This i...

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