Bias-free Recruiting: HR and AI Butt Heads to Solve a Longstanding Problem

Data scientists continue to pursue machine learning and AI algorithms that can assess people without bias. From selecting variables that eliminate bias to delivering nudges that encourage decision-makers to think differently, the new technologies are making great inroads.
— By Jill Motley

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are only as smart as the data input into the systems. Amazon learned that when it had to scrap its AI hiring tool because the algorithm had learned to make the same biased decisions humans were making. The reason was that the data came from history – the hires made in the past – and men and women were preferred for certain jobs. Since then, technology experts have worked on developing AI algorithms that can detect bias in the data so it does not replicate them. Even more hopeful is the work being done to use AI algorithms to nudge decision-makers to make unbiased decisions about job candidates, and other talen...

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