Business Success in Namibia Requires Willingness to Develop and Train Namibians

Namibia is called “Africa’s Optimist” because of its stability, infrastructure and desire for economic improvement. Rich in natural resources, the country’s largest untapped asset is its people.
- By William Bell

There is agreement that business success in Namibia is predicated on the ability of organizations to develop and train Namibians. The government says to “foster unity” and businesses say “develop and train,” and these are two strategies that intersect. With an economy closely linked to South Africa, (the Namibian dollar is pegged to the rand), the country is making significant development progress through sound economic management, conservation of natural resources, strengthening of the infrastructure, and public policies addressing the critical issues like gender and income equality. Attracting ever increasing amounts of foreign investment, Namibia also has a strong export market and key industries are agricultural, tourism, and mining. How...

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