Coaching a Distributed Workforce: New Tech, New Tools and a New Path Forward

As work life shifts away from co-location and core schedules, coaches need to adapt to the new distributed work model. Here are how new technologies and new approaches are helping coaches maintain high performance across fresh boundaries
By Ingrid Johnson

It seems like a fairy-tale world to many corporate coaches … the magical “once upon a time” when their populations worked similar schedules in a central location. Now, even within a single team, there may be office locations spread across continents and core schedules that seem to slide around the clock like something created by Salvador Dali. How can effective coaching and training be delivered in an environment like this, where the only constant seems to be a state of flux?

It turns out the same technologies enabling a remote, 24/7 workforce can also bring high-quality coaching to the furthest corners of the work world at any time of day. By leveraging the newest technologies to deliver pers...

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