Continuous Improvement of the Employee Experience Using O-Data Principles

Assessing employee engagement once or twice a year is not insightful. It is a snapshot in time. Applying the principles of operational data and analytics to the employee experience data process can deliver the “why” and “what next” of employee engagement.
— By Sharon Ross

X’s and O’s signify affection when used as a signature on a birthday or holiday card. For organizations, they mean something very different. X-data is employee experience data, and O-data is operational data. Collecting and analyzing each is frequently viewed as entirely separate processes.

One of the biggest differences between these sets of data is the frequency and thoroughness of data collection. Operational data is almost continuously monitored today, while employee experience data continues to be collected on an infrequent basis and often offers very limited information.

Imagine applying operational data collection and analyzation to employee experience data ...

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