‘Deserted’ in Estonia Means Eco-adventures for All of Us

Sometimes, being alone is simply right.

- By Pamela Grant

Paris, London and New York City offer unique sights, but they are also jam packed with people. Crowds are not for everyone, especially when the goal is to enjoy nature’s quiet splendor. Eco-travellers looking for the joy of experiencing untouched environmental beauty and the splendor of being alone for just a little while in a crowded world will be amazed it took so long to discover the Republic of Estonia, located in Northern Europe on the Baltic Sea.

Normally, when you say something is “deserted,” it implies inaccessibility or even neglect or abandonment. In the case of Estonia, “deserted” means untouched, natural beauty offering travellers an opportunity to enjoy a mosaic of natural sites that include peat bogs, woods, lakes, forests, oceans and islands. If you want private space to enjoy nature, then Estonia is the right destination. Yet, it cannot really be described as “far from the madd...

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