Equatorial Guinea Invites the World to Share its Beauty

Equatorial Guinea has been a well-kept secret for decades, keeping its natural wonders to itself. Now the country is embracing tourism and offering up its tantalizing natural gems.
By Pamela Grant

Until recently, Equatorial Guinea was not likely to appear on the list of places to visit simply because the country did not promote itself as a destination.

For decades, the small country on the west coast of Africa, the continent’s only Spanish-speaking country, has stayed to itself as it struggled to establish and maintain a reliable government. It consists of Rio Muni; the mainland territory with the active port city of Bata; and five nearby islands, one of which is Bioko where the capital Malabo is located.

Despite a thriving oil industry, the country has a high rate of poverty, prompting the government to look at its natural wonders as a source of inspiration for world travelers and employment for its people. The country’s isolated beaches...

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