Expanding Inclusion by Recognizing and Incorporating Intersectionality

People are not defined by one trait. In fact, assigning a trait like “black” or “disabled” boxes people in based on the linear label. Intersectionality recognizes the complexity of human makeup, so expanding inclusion based on intersectionality means leveraging people’s holistic selves.
— By Belinda Jones

To develop the most effective initiatives to advance inclusivity means organizations must disrupt and reform organizational power dynamics that have led to some groups becoming privileges while marginalizing others. It is necessary to recognize what sociologists call the double bind of racism and sexism but people are not made up of race and gender. There are multiple binds or additional identities to consider – class, culture, ability, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual identity, veteran status, and even life experiences. People have backgrounds, can claim life experiences, have different abilities, and live in a variety of cultures.

All of...

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