Exploring The Beauty And Cultures Of Papua New Guinea

Bio-diverse, green, beautiful and colourful are words commonly used to describe Papua New Guinea's delicate ecosystem. This island filled with diverse cultures offers a one-of-a-kind adventure for eco-travelers.
By Pamela Grant

Off the coast of north Australia sits the world's second largest island, and the eastern half is the country of Papua New Guinea. With a population of 8 million people per the World Bank, the country boasts a remarkable linguistic diversity of 800 different languages.

Diversity defines most of this island. There is diverse flora and fauna, diverse geography, and diverse cultures. Some of the people still live in remote mountains and seldom interact with anyone outside their villages or tribes.

This is a spot for trekkers, bird watchers, divers, surfers, canoers, fishing lovers, and travelers looking for spots on the earth where they can be culturally immersed without the sound of traffic and hordes of visitors wh...

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