Following the Yellow Brick Road of Content Reinvention for Mobile Devices

Is your content on the right road to reinvention?

- By Karen White

In the movie “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy walks down the yellow brick road anxiously saying, “Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” repeatedly. The expression became an idiom used to reflect fear of a rumored threat.

Now the expression could be, “Tablets and smartphones and mobile devices, oh my!” and the rumored threat is that all online content, which already costs businesses tons of money, now has to be reworked to fit mobile devices.

The good news is the threat that everything must be redone from scratch is greatly overstated. However, the convergence of media and the smaller devices people are using does mean some changes are in order. Music and video files, enhanced publishing options, and interactive software like apps are driving content reinvention.

Victim of DisorganizedThinking

The Wizard tells the Cowardly Lion, “As for you, my fine friend, you are a ...

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