Gender Bias Prevents and Removes Women From STEM Careers

Historical reasons women are not well represented in so many STEM industry segments roll off the tongue with the top two being they are not encouraged in school and personal choice. The truth is qualified women and women of colour are discouraged from STEM careers through a variety of biases.
— By Debra Jenkins

"Asians, especially dragon ladies, are good at science." "Women are not as proficient as men in math." "Women give up their careers to have children, so why invest resources in them." "More women will have STEM careers as the next generation of STEM professionals are finally encouraged to study STEM subjects as girls."

The list of such statements could go on and on as to the stereotypes used to explain away the slow progress in attracting and retaining women in STEM careers. Bias comes in many shapes and forms. There are plenty of women who could pursue STEM careers, but they are discouraged from doing so in a variety of subtle and n...

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