Hey Alexa! How do you Work?

Chatbots are firmly embedded in customer service systems today.

Despite their growing use, they remain a bit of a mystery as to what they are, how they work, and their future.

Log into an account today that has a messaging function, ask a question or seek assistance, and in many instances a chatbot will introduce itself and ask how it can help. Chatbots are arguably the first mainstream use of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide general customer services. Sure, there are vehicles with AI technology, but there are more vehicles without it. Increasingly, chatbots are used by big and small companies to speed up customer service, deliver improved customer service, and reduce labour costs.

Despite their growing use, chatbots still have a bit of mystery about them for non-technical people. As information technology (IT) experts strive to develop chatbots that are as human as possible in terms of communication and pro...

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