How Corporate Canada is Measuring up on Equity, Inclusion and Fairness

While many Canadian organizations express the belief that a diverse, inclusive workforce is a genuine asset, words must be compared to actions and hard data to provide an accurate snapshot of how Canada’s firms are truly changing.
— By Belinda Jones

The proliferation of diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices across Canada is being embraced as good for everyone. It is obviously good for the members of the historically underrepresented groups who are employed and valued because of it. There is the potential for it to be a mutually beneficial relationship, as well as generating clear good for the organizations which invest in D&I.

For these organizations, there are three types of benefits that come from investments and efforts around expanding their D&I. These are incidental, external and inherent. Each is examined in the paragraphs ahead.

The Incidental Benefits
Incidental benefits are those that do not cause a profou...

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