How 'Shift Disturbers' Drive Workplace Innovation

Key players – known as “shift disturbers” – drive change, and by understanding their outlook and methods, it is possible to display more of their best traits in one’s own innovation practices.
By Shaniqua Thomas

Innovation in the workplace is something all companies claim to want. Yet being a fan of innovation and actually creating an environment where it happens are two very different things. For many firms, the difference comes down to how well key individual players known as “shift disturbers” are understood within the organization.

Shift disturbers are innovation champions with the skills and charisma to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Understanding them – or even actively trying to become one – starts with an awareness of their creative confidence and competence, the key processes shift disturbers tend to use, and the way a shift disturber flows with (or against) existing organizational culture. Following are three key areas...

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