Levers that Move the World: How Increased Investment in Early Childhood Education Helps Indigenous Peoples

To break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and inequality, strategic investment in Indigenous-centered early childhood education is a critical tool requiring more attention.
By Debra Jenkins

How valuable is a year of schooling? It’s a question many across Canada are considering with fresh eyes as the nation seeks to continue the progress being made toward reconciliation and equality for Indigenous peoples. While historically barriers have existed in education that have kept First Nations, Intuit, and Métis individuals and communities from reaching their full potential, new momentum and investments are opening new doors.

An area of particular focus is early childhood education (ECE). This foundational schooling can move the bar in significant ways when it comes to reducing poverty and unemployment, ending dependence on government care, and allowing indigenous students to achieve their full educational potential by equipping them with the sk...

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