Macedonia, a European Gem With Opportunities for Diverse Suppliers

North Macedonia is inviting foreign investors to join the country in its plans for long-term and expanded economic growth. It has a lot to offer from low taxes to a strong labor force, and opportunities in a variety of industries.
—By William Bell

The global business environment is in a constant state of flux. Take the Republic of North Macedonia, for example. Formed in 1991 when it gained independence from Yugoslavia, the country just recently settled a name dispute with Greece. Now that everyone agrees on the name, the former Yugoslav republic can seriously pursue joining the European Union, NATO and foreign investors. With its strategic location, a reform-oriented government, and a desire to attract foreign investments, North Macedonia should be on the list of potential locations for global investing.

In fact, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the country's success in making itself an investment destination with its low flat ta...

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