Marita Cheng Inspires and Improves Lives Through Coding And Robotics

Australia's Marita Cheng Followed Her Passion For Technology And Entered The Stem Field. Today She Develops Artificial Intelligence, Builds Robots, Codes, And Inspires Girls That They Can Do It, Too.
By Peter Scott

Who could have predicted that a young girl who grew up in a relatively isolated area of Queensland, Australia would one day be named the "Young Australian of the Year" in 2012 for her entrepreneurship and technology skills? Marita Cheng is a technology entrepreneur who proves that girls or young women can code, develop artificial intelligence products, create apps, and build robots, all of which significantly improve people's lives. She has developed products that assist the blind, disabled, elderly and everyone else interested in human-like communication over long distances.

Remarkably, the now 27-year-old has only just begun what will be a lifelong journey based in technology. She represents the youthful blend of technology know-ho...

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