Overcoming Challenges With a Never-Quit Attitude in Work and Golf

So many times, golfers and businesses fall so low they look like there is no comeback possible. Failure, whether talking about golf or business, is sometimes simply not an option.
By Vincent Pane

Failure can rise out of the ashes like a phoenix, surprising people who were certain the end is in sight. For golfers, it might mean falling to the bottom of a leader board, not qualifying for tournament play, or experiencing a debilitating injury that prevents or impedes play. A business may seem like it is on the verge of failure when its products become outdated due to innovative products of startups disrupting the marketplace, poor management or runaway expenses reducing profits.

Golfers and businesses hit serious slumps or circumstances that seem insurmountable, but some find innovative and often surprising ways to overcome them.

Get One Done
Some of the greatest comebacks in golf history have been the result of golfers who ...

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