Protecting Belize’s Beauty Just Comes Naturally

In Belize, visitors can choose to be whatever tickles their ecotourist fancy.

It is getting harder and harder to find unspoiled spots on earth, and that is precisely why ecotourists should look toward Belize.

Snugly tucked up against Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west, there is a comfort level found in Belize that is increasingly difficult to find elsewhere.

Its history is bound in the story of powerful ancient Mayans, and its environment is filled with the contrasts of a barrier reef and mountains, jungles and rain forest. It is a bit like the yin and yang of nature and for the ecotourist Belize represents an opportunity to truly enjoy nature while leaving a very small carbon footprint.

Belize is a remarkable country. It is quite small with a population of 300,000, but its reputation for environmental sustainability is large and with good reason. Belizeans love their country and want to share it with the world but are not willing to le...

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