Redefining Flavor with Sauces, Stews and Soups in Republic of Benin

Benin’s residents shop local food markets several times each week to stock up on fresh vegetables and exotic fruits. Their low-fat, high-nutrition meals are exactly what the doctor ordered for the rest of us.

- By John Jacobs

It is refreshing to read that residents of the Republic of Benin savor healthy foods as their diet staples. In a world filled with fat-heavy, nutrition-poor diets that are leading to skyrocketing rates of cardiovascular disease and obesity, it is time to turn toward simpler lifestyles where the food eaten is a recipe for good health.

Westerners tend to minimize simple diets, yet they are exactly what most doctors order. Simple does not equate to bland, but too many make that assumption. Benin is a West African kingdom filled with fresh food markets overflowing with green beans, yams, oranges and a host of other foods required for good health.

The Republic of Benin is in west Africa on the Gulf of Guinea and surrounded by Togo, ...

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