Redwood Classics Proves its Adaptability Through Thick and Thin

To thrive as a textile company requires being adaptable and innovative, and willing to embrace technology. Redwood Classics, started by an immigrant in 1988, mastered these concepts and is poised for significant growth.
BY Jill Motley

'Made in Canada' is not just a slogan to Kathy Cheng, CEO and President of Redwood Classics. In an industry that has been devastated over the years due to globalization and technology changes, Redwood Classics Apparel, the in-house brand of WS & Co., has been adaptable and flexible in addressing changes in markets, industry, and customer preferences, while also giving back to the community and serving as an example of the benefits conveyed to Canada's economy as a result of the country's generous immigration policies. Today, the company is poised for significant growth as Kathy drives the company into the future with quality products, quick-to-market strategies, flexibility, and a collaborative approach to product develo...

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