Rugged Djibouti is a Purist Eco-traveler’s Dream Location

Djibouti is the ideal location for the eco-traveler who wants a truly and ruggedly sustainable experience. The unusual landscape has little largescale development, offering a refreshing opportunity to be truly “green.”
- By Pamela Grant

Djibouti is not a country typically promoted as a travel destination spot. Located in the Horn of Africa, the country is largely undeveloped except for Djibouti City. It has an unusual and somewhat stark landscape that is filled with remarkable natural formations and geological oddities, reflecting the fact it is part of the Afar Triangle where tectonic plates meet. The country that is smaller than Massachusetts has been turning its sites on attracting eco-tourists who want a truly sustainable experience. A trip through the rugged landscape is an unforgettable experience that makes travelers swear they have been to Mars or the moon and back.

Wander Like a Nomad
It is necessary to understand the strange...

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