Russia’s Emerging Economy Creates a Business Opportunity Frontier

It is time to toss preconceived ideas about Russia out the window.

- By William Bell

The differences between the U.S. and Russia have been stark over the decades, especially during the Cold War (1947-1991). Unfortunately, that one period in time has shaped many peoples’ perspectives of Russia, and many people continue to see the country as isolated, mysterious and a bit stuck in the past. It is time to toss out the old views and look at Russia with new eyes, because the country is now a recognized global trade partner, emerging economy, and a land of growing business opportunities for international partners and investors.

Russia has worked long and hard to take its place on the world’s economic stage, long before globalization became a business strategy. The work of the previous 18 years paid off when Russia was invited to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2011, thrusting the country onto the global economic stage. Officially becom...

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