Small Decisions are Big Game Changers in Golf and Business

Small decisions made during a golf game or in business can change an outcome.

- By Vincent Pane

One brief act, small decision, or thoughtless response on the golf course can change the game from that point forward and alter the final outcome. In fact, a game of golf could be described as a series of small decisions made one after another, and each decision determines how the rest of the game will go. Should the golfer “lay up” on a hole, pick the blade or mallet putter, or try a one-shot attempt to get out of the woods and back on the green?

Running a business is similar to playing golf in that a series of decisions determines ultimate success or failure, and the types of hurdles to be crossed along the way. Winning in golf is the result of making one small decision at a time while anticipating the end result. The business owner is the “golfer” trying to win the next contract, the next big deal, the bigger market share or the higher profit margin. Each s...

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