Staying on Course in Golf and Business: It’s all in the Mind

Playing a good game of golf and pulling off a successful business strategy have a lot in common, and one is the psychological aspect of competition. It is mind over results.
By Vincent Pane

Golf is a game that seems so low-key, yet running beneath the surface at all times is intense competition and focus, both of which depend on mental concentration. When a golfer is lining up a shot or getting ready to swing, he or she does not see the trees, except for the ones that may become impediments, the other golfers, or anything else. Focus is on the position of the body, the angle of the golf club, and the desired location for final placement of the golf ball.

This is just like a well-planned and successful business strategy which succeeds when managers focus on positioning operational support, leveraging connections, and achieving end goals. In other words, both golf and business rely on well-honed mental skills for strategic thinking, functioning und...

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