The Evolving Corporate and Aboriginal Relations: Path to Prosperity for All

Corporate-Aboriginal relations are improving, but there are still many fences to mend due to decades of exclusion. Continued progress depends on developing a greater understanding of the Aboriginals’ new position in modern day Canada.
- By Debra Jenkins

Though the Aboriginals were the original people in what is now Canada, it is only since the Constitution Act of 1982 that they were legally named as the Indians, Inuit and Métis. It was a first major step in an ongoing, now decades-long, process to recognize the unique standing of Aboriginals in Canadian history and society, and to begin building new business and social relationships based on equality rather than exclusion.

Since then, significant events have strengthened the role of Aboriginals, including the reinforcement of treaty rights, the creation of Economic Development Corporations, the introduction of Impact Benefit Agreements, and a plethora of court cases establishing or reinforcing the...

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