The Theory of (Social Media) Relativity

Two Large Objects – Social Media and the Marketplace – Can Exert a Predictable Force on Each Other. How Relative That Force is Depends on How Effectively the Social Media is Integrated into Business Operations.

- By Shaniqua Thomas

The Theory of Relativity says that two objects can exert a force of attraction on each other, which is as deep as this discussion will get into physics. Although Albert Einstein was talking about the mass of objects and acceleration, the concept seems relevant to introducing social media into an organization. Social media is like a moving object thrown into marketplace space, but in this case, there can be unpredictable results without good planning. The goal is to create some “gravity” in which social media exerts a pull on the market with a force so great that people become dedicated customers, sharing information, ideas and thoughts.

Unfortunately, many social media implementations are more reminiscent of M. C. Escher’s...

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