The Win-Win of Mentally Healthful Workplaces

When employers create mentally healthful workplaces, it is not just goodwill … it is good business.
By Malibu Kothari

For many decades, mental health was left out of workplace wellness discussions. Of late in Canada, it has been a hot topic, and it is about time. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, each week 500,000 Canadians are missing work due to mental health issues, and one-in-five adults will experience a diagnosable mental illness this year.

If those numbers seem shockingly high, sadly, it is just the beginning of the startling statistics. All together, employees who are feeling “not myself today,” to borrow the national mental health campaign phrase, are more likely to miss work than other staff and 7.5 times more likely to exhibit “presenteeism” of showing up unable to perform well. Those who come to work unwell cost Canadian businesses between $15 and $25 billion annually from low job performance.

Taking steps ...

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