Travel With Your Tastebuds Through the World of Fruit

Staying healthy requires eating lots of fruits. Forget the apples and blueberries. It is time to take a trip around the world with exotic fruits.
—By John Jacobs

In the U.S., fruits are a staple food. All mainstream grocery stores mostly sell the same mass-produced fruits – yellow bananas, red strawberries, orange oranges, red or green apples, and so on. The fruits are good for you, but they also tend to be somewhat uninteresting with their smooth skins, waxy preservatives, and shapes that meet certain appearance and size standards. Words like "intriguing" and "tantalizing" are not usually used to describe the standard fruit fare at the local grocery store.

Now think of fruits that defy colour, shape and expected flavour. Think of fruits with hairy or spiny skins, taste like chocolate, or have a terrible odor that reminds people of gym socks but a delectable flesh.

You can travel the world in your thoughts by eating unusual and in...

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