Value-Based Procurement: Competitive Dialogue Takes Root in Canada

Complex projects needing innovative approaches call for more flexibility in the procurement process. The competitive dialogue RFP process may provide the right value-driven alternative to the traditional formal competitive process.
By Shaniqua Thomas

Just a few years ago, the term “competitive dialogue” would not have meant much to most Canadian procurement personnel. However, despite many reports, it is not a novel procurement process as it has been used in Europe and Canada for years. Yes, that’s right – Canada, too. However, it is only now taking root in Canada because of the increasing complexity and rapid pace of change in the marketplace. In many cases, the fixed bid, formal competitive process is not generating the kind of innovation needed to meet changing needs, so new approaches are sought – like competitive dialogue – a process which allows a confidential negotiation process with vendors before a final bid is submitted. While it promises to in...

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