Worldcom Exchange: A Lesson in Customer Service

When Belisario Rosas and his wife started Worldcom Exchange 26 years ago, they probably did not imagine it would grow into a multi-million dollar business. Growth is the result of innovation and exceptional customer service.
By Shaniqua Thomas

Belisario Rosas came to America from Peru to study medicine, but instead took a liking to technology. In 1989, he started a small IT company with his wife, probably not imagining he would eventually be recognized as an internet and IT pioneer. That is exactly what happened over the last 26 years after starting Worldcom Exchange (WEI), a technology company that is proud of its exceptional ability to provide customer solutions and service. Named CVS Innovator of the Year in 2015, WEI earned that honor by developing innovative solutions that benefit CVS, the communities WEI serves, and the IT industry. WEI has achieved success by using a local model, developing innovative products and services and delivering the highe...

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