New Frontiers in Virtual Mental Health Treatment Systems

Mental health treatment no longer requires a physical consulting couch or prescription pad. By integrating mental health services into virtual medical practices, trailblazing organisations can offer better service and better outcomes to patients.
By Malibu Kothari

Each year, mental health issues cost Canadians, collectively, some $50 billion in healthcare and social services, lost productivity and decreased quality of life. The Mental Health Commission of Canada, which tracks such figures, further notes that many of those costs could be avoided if mental healthcare was more accessible and coordinated. It is a neat summation of a nationwide problem that seems to finally have a solution within reach.

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to deliver medical care virtually. Most Canadians are familiar with the concept of online healthcare, even if they have not used a virtual walk-in clinic or “dial-a-doc” personally. Provinces are increasing...

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