F.A.C.E Welcomes the Announcements on Community Empowerment and Combatting Systemic Racism

MONTREAL,- The Federation of African Canadian Economics (F.A.C.E.) welcomes the announcement of government measures which aims to endow racialized communities with greater autonomy, in particular economics, as well as the means deployed to combat systemic racism.

The federal budget includes $200 million of funding for 2021–2022 for Employment and Social Development Canada to establish a Philanthropic Endowment Fund. This fund would be led by Black Canadians and seeks to create a sustainable source of funding that is destined for organizations with social missions, among others, and would contribute to the fight against racism and socio-economic inequalities.

Additionally, the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative, which is administered by Employment and Social Development Canada, will receive $100 million to bolster the capacities of non-profit organizations so that they may better serve the Black Community in Canada. Finally, the appropriation of an additional $51,7 million to the Black Entrepreneurship Program is excellent news which will allow Black entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute to a solid and sustainable economic recovery.

"These announcements are welcomed at a time when Canada is in recovery mode. It will only be able to gain momentum when all of the driving forces are brought to bear and that includes the talents from the Black Community. The measures announced by the federal government are an unequivocal testament to its desire to reduce the inequalities and inequities of which our community is a victim, whether they be social or economic in nature."

-Tiffany Callender, President and Director General of FACE