PwC Canada Using Innovation To Tackle Youth Unemployment

TORONTO, ON-PwC Canada recently launched a new corporate responsibility initiative focused on addressing the issue of youth unemployment in Canada. PwC Canada’s Young People Project will empower the firm’s partners and staff to utilize their time and talent to provide digital literacy training, coaching and meaningful mentorship experiences.

This exciting initiative will leverage innovative technology used at PwC Canada to equip leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need for the future of work. The project’s goal over the next three years is to reach at least 10,000 young people across the country.

“At PwC, we understand the importance of preparing young people for the evolving nature of work,” said James Temple, PwC’s Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer. “PwC’s Young People Project is unique because it combines learning, mentorship and leadership experiences that challenge participants in a variety of innovative and interactive ways”.

Using a strategic three-pronged approach, the project will bring together young people, the firm and new technology to amplify positive socio-economic change:

Skilled Volunteering and Micro-Volunteering on demand

Using mobile technology, PwC Canada will enable our partners and staff to search, select and act on micro-volunteering opportunities (such as online mentoring, teaching, job shadowing, on demand) and continue to embed skill based experiences into our existing platforms.

Grants for youth, by youth - ‘The Activators’ Youth Council

Young people and community members will be brought together to form a National Youth Council to help select PwC Canada’s Young People Project grant recipients. We call this group ‘The Activators’ and they will advise us on how we can make the most meaningful difference.

Personalized Giving that empowers change

PwC Canada employees will receive a digital personal giving profile that will track their financial commitments to the causes they are focused on most.