ADP Canada introduces more HR Assistance for small and medium businesses

ADP Canada launched ADP HR AssistSM, a robust human resources platform that gives small and medium-sized businesses the time and tools they need to professionally manage their people. The new service provides easy-to-digest, relevant HR information, customizable materials as well as access to HR experts who can provide best practice guidance to help business owners find the critical HR answers they need.

Running a business is no easy task, and growing that business can prove even more challenging. ADP Canada is committed to assisting the small and medium-sized businesses that make up over 97% of Canadian companies by providing them with enterprise-grade solutions, like ADP HR Assist.

When combined with ADP Canada's payroll services, ADP HR Assist offers a robust human capital management platform that provides companies with access to on demand human resources information and support.

"Managing employees is an important part of any successful business' foundation, and it shouldn't be taken lightly," said Sooky Lee, General Manager, Human Resources Outsourcing, ADP Canada. "Often owners and operators of smaller businesses don't have the time, expertise, resources or confidence to tackle many of the responsibilities associated with the Human Resources part of their business. ADP HR Assist is designed to take some of the heavy lifting off of our clients, to allow them to approach HR with confidence and focus on the pieces of their business that inspire them."

ADP HR Assist offers access to a number of the tools small and medium-sized businesses need to help them handle their everyday HR needs, manage the risk of compliance issues and save time. These tools include:

a)Online HR Portal, providing instant access to everyday essential resources and tools like HR Tips, HR Newsletters, Compliance Updates, Provincial and Federal Resources and Standardized Job Descriptions

b)Customizable and Localized Employee Handbooks, including industry-specific and regional best practices, to help tailor resources to every individual business

c)HR Helpdesk, giving business owners access to HR experts who can provide guidance and answers to challenges

ADP HR Assist can help business owners stay on top of the latest legislative and regulatory requirements and industry trends and obtain access to expert assistance to handle any HR needs they may have.