Scott Vowels
Nicole Cairns
Director of Health & Wellness
Thorpe Benefits

Nicole Cairns Develops Multifaceted Approach to Well-Being
at Thorpe Benefits

Nicole Cairns, Director of Health & Wellness at Thorpe Benefits, an integrated employee benefits and wellness consulting company, has developed a comprehensive approach to addressing issues that cause people stress. She is instrumental in creating an environment in which employees have every opportunity to thrive and access resources when needed. Nicole's multifaceted approach to health and wellness means every area potentially impacting a person's well-being is tackled. They include sessions and activities on financial well-being, healthy communications, stress reduction, positive management, mental health, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, exercise, and healthy relationships. The outcomes of each initiative are measured to ensure they are achieving goals. For example, a stress reduction initiative produced an average 12-15 percent reduction in employee stress levels.

Nicole believes that organizations have a strong influence over the mental and physical health of their employees. As a co-owner of Thorpe Benefits, she demonstrates in her own company the value of creating a culture that supports employee well-being and fosters engagement. With a diverse background, Nicole has created best-in-class health and wellness education sessions and wellness solutions for employees and organizations.

Favorite Quote:
I believe that organizations have a strong influence over the mental and physical health of their employees...There are wonderful ways to create a culture that supports the well-being of employees. I am passionate about creating education and activities that allow for these cultures to develop. – Nicole Cairns