Scott Vowels
Rick Demaray
Health Wellness &
Safety Coordinator

Grande Prairie

Rick Demaray Develops Enthusiasm for Wellness at Grande Prairie

Rick Demaray is the Health Wellness & Safety Coordinator for the City of Grande Prairie. He generates enthusiasm for health and wellness among employees by utilizing a variety of innovative incentives. A good example is a contest he developed that asked supervisors and managers to complete an imaginative incident report for Humpty Dumpty who fell from a wall. Rick's initiatives include 18 sessions a year that cover topics employees indicate an interest in, like a hobby pursued outside of work. His team has also partnered with AHS within the city to host a variety of topics, including depression, suicide, and other sensitive subjects.

With the support of the City’s leadership team, Rick invites employees to join fitness classes held by a Wellness Committee member who has a passion for fitness. Employees are allowed to attend wellness sessions during work hours. The city pays for one hour of time, and employees contribute an hour of their own time. Rick attributes the success of his initiatives to his team and is always open to new ideas.

Favorite Quote:
Integrity is key: Do what you say you will do. Always. – Rick Demaray