Scott Vowels
Tyson Joyce
Director, Disability and Mental Health
in Corporate Safety and
Employee Health, Financial and
Corporate Service

City of Edmonton

Tyson Joyce Equips Managers and Employees
at City of Edmonton

Tyson Joyce has recently been hired as the Director, Disability and Mental Health in Corporate Safety and Employee Health, Employee Services for the city of Edmonton. Throughout Tyson's work experiences to date, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing tools and resources to equip managers and employees to have comfortable and meaningful conversations about mental and physical health concerns. Being willing to have honest conversation with managers creates employee opportunities. Developing managers, who can identify and support employees who are struggling, is crucial to developing a safe and collaborative environment for employees to work through concerns.

The best practice Tyson considers most important is his proactive review of organizational health status and implementation of early intervention initiatives. He instituted metrics to measure trends associated with employee health by tracking group benefits usage of the organization, sick time costs, engagement surveys, Employee and Family Assistance Plan statistics, and trending from long term disability providers. This enables leadership to identify specific trends associated with employee health, proactively allocate funding and resources to areas seeing increased costs, and provide additional employee supports. Tyson is excited to bring his knowledge and experience in this regard to the city of Edmonton.

Favorite Quote:
"Good health is good business" — Tyson Joyce