L’Oreal Canada Welcomes Maya Colombani To Join Its Management Committee

L’Oréal Canada accelerates its strategy and welcomes a new member on its Management Committee: Maya Colombani, Chief Sustainability & Human Rights Officer, announced An Verhulst-Santos, President & CEO.

These two pillars, Sustainability and Human Rights, are very strategic in the leadership frame of the leader of the Canadian Beauty industry. ‘With the creation of this new strategic role, we have placed social and environmental performance at the heart of our commitment. We want to act in favor of responsible beauty and move faster towards our mission of creating the Beauty that moves the world’ said An Verhulst-Santos.

Strong of an international career of more than 20 years at L'Oréal, Maya Colombani distinguishes herself through a rich and comprehensive career path. She joined L’Oréal Group’s Professional Products Division in 2001. She held positions there in operational marketing as well as in DMI (International Marketing Direction), on the Kérastase and L’Oréal Professional brands. She carried out missions of brand creation in India, before joining L’Oréal Brazil in June 2010 as Marketing and Innovation Director. Since the end of 2016, she has served as Sustainability & Human Rights Director for Brazil.

In this role, she profoundly transformed L'Oréal Brazil's value chain including sustainability impact in all the decision taken from the product creation until the recycling process. She has implemented strong social actions with communities and autochthones, created an impactful Amazonia regeneration program and launched the living wage movement that inspired the L’Oréal Group and positioned L'Oréal Brazil as an international benchmark. L’Oréal Brazil has been regularly cited as a reference and is used to fuel new reflections on environmental challenge, climate change commitment, social protagosnism as well as human rights respect, especially in relations with the indigenous peoples of Brazil and communities’ inclusion.

Her projects have been rewarded by prestigious rankings such as Guia exame 2017/2018/2019; were recognized as The best company in climate change as well as biodiversity management; and have received the WEP Gold Award 2021 on Women empowerment supported by ONU Women and Compact Global. In 2022, thanks to her strong inclusive social programs for indigenous and communities, the GLOBO recognized L’Oréal Brazil as ‘’ The company that makes the difference in term of inclusion and diversity”.

In Canada, Maya’s mission, together with the local teams in place, is to increase L’Oréal Canada’s positive footprint internally and externally in terms of sustainable value chain transformation, empowering its ecosystem, scaling up its social protagonism and warranty human rights respect. Amongst her first projects, she will focus, with the Canadian teams, on achieving the company’s full carbon neutrality on all of its sites, as well as accelerating ambitious targets on water management and implementing clean tech partnership and eco-design business with committed brand.

‘I am thrilled to be part of L’Oréal Canada and contribute to its commitment towards three key areas - nature, people and business transformation. I am looking forward to help position L’Oréal Canada as a catalyst of change by engaging all our value chain, ecosystem and beyond in this transformation. As a leader, we have the responsibility to never stop innovating and improving our impact in order to bring value to our society’, said Maya Colombani.