Aboriginal Community

Grow Aboriginal Talent Pools Using Proven-to-Work Programs

Growing Aboriginal talent within an organization is far more complex than simply committing to the concept. To make real strides forward, a company has to actively implement programs and...


Supplier Diversity

Blockchain for Impactful Supply Chain Storytelling

Provenance: The beginning of something’s existence. Ask business professionals what the very first step was in the process of producing a final product, and they might respond with "RFP" or...


HR Strategy

Continuous Improvement of the Employee Experience Using O-Data Principles

X’s and O’s signify affection when used as a signature on a birthday or holiday card. For organizations, they mean something very different. X-data is employee experience data, and O-data is...



Psychological Impacts of Gaining New Leadership Roles

Global leaders are in demand, but what exactly is implied by “global leader?” Technology has shortened the distance between managers and between employees and managers around the world...


    Tech Zone

    Hey Alexa! How do you Work?

    espite their growing use, they remain a bit of a mystery as to what they are, how they work, and their future...

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