Minister Miller announces appointment of new Chair To National Indigenous Board

Increasing Indigenous participation in the economy helps improve the well-being and quality of life of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, but also that all Canadians are enriched by Indigenous economic inclusion.

Recently, the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Indigenous Services, is pleased to announce the Ministerial Appointment of Ms. Dawn Madahbee Leach as the new Chair of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board (NIEDB) for a five-year term, effective April 30.

Ms. Madahbee Leach, an Anishinabe-kwe and member of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation, is an Indigenous leader in the field of business and economic development with strong expertise developed at the regional, national and international levels. Ms. Madahbee Leach has served on numerous governmental advisory committees, including serving as Vice-Chair of the NIEDB, and is also a director with Peace Hills Trust and Niobay Metals Inc. Ms. Madahbee Leach is also the first Indigenous woman in Canada to lead a regional financial lending institution, serving as the General Manager of the Waubetek Business Development Corporation since 1988.

Ms. Madahbee Leach is replacing Chief Clarence Louie, who has stepped down as Chair of the NIEDB. The Honourable Minister says “I am happy to announce the appointment of Ms. Dawn Madahbee Leach as Chair of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board (NIEDB). Ms. Madahbee Leach is a highly qualified leader, and her extensive experience in giving voice to Indigenous economic needs nationally will serve the NIEDB and Canada well in the future. I also wish to offer my sincere thanks to Chief Clarence Louie, who has led the NIEDB as Chair for the last fourteen years, for his time and dedication in providing advice and guidance to the federal government on issues of Indigenous economic development.”